Synthetic Biology

based on standard parts

Jamboree For iGEM 2014 Championship

You can visit the team's wiki by clicking on the team's name. You can see what medal the team won and view the slides from their presentation, a video of their presentation, and their poster using the other icons.

Africa has no registered teams



silver medal,

Best New Basic Part, Undergrad

Best Environment Project, Undergrad

Finalist, Undergrad

Second Runner Up, Undergrad

Chairmans Award

Best New Composite Part, Undergrad

Best Software Project

Best Information Processing Project


Best Supporting Software, Overgrad

Safety Commendation, Overgrad

Best Measurement Project

Best Wiki, Undergrad

Best Innovation in Measurement, Overgrad

Best Health & Medicine Project, Overgrad

Best Part Collection, Overgrad

Best Policy & Practices Advance, Undergrad

Best Health & Medicine Project, Undergrad

iGEMers Prize

Best Model, Overgrad

Best Foundational Advance Project, Overgrad

Best Supporting Software, Undergrad

Best Foundational Advance Project, Undergrad

iGEMers Prize

Finalist, Undergrad

Grand Prize Winner, Undergrad

Best Part Collection, Undergrad

Best Manufacturing Project

Finalist, Undergrad

First Runner Up, Undergrad

Best New Composite Part, Overgrad

Best Wiki, Overgrad

Best Supporting Art & Design, Overgrad

Best New Application Project, Overgrad

Best Wiki, Overgrad

Best Innovation in Measurement, Undergrad

Best New Basic Part, Overgrad

Best Energy Project

Finalist, Overgrad

Second Runner Up, Overgrad

Best Microfluidics Project

Best New Application Project, Undergrad


gold medal,

Best Part Collection, Undergrad

Best Poster, Overgrad

Best Food & Nutrition Project

Finalist, Overgrad

First Runner Up, Overgrad

Latin America

Best Presentation, Overgrad

Best Entrepreneurship Project

North America

Best Art & Design Project

Best Poster, Undergrad

Best Policy & Practices Project

Best Environment Project, Overgrad


gold medal,

Best Community Labs Project

Best Presentation, Undergrad

Best Policy & Practices Advance, Overgrad

Finalist, Overgrad

Grand Prize Winner, Overgrad

Best Model, Undergrad